Are You Fit To Sell?

Make Your Home Stand Out with RE/MAX Fit To Sell

Once you’re ready to sell your home ask yourself, "is my home Fit To Sell?"

Today’s home buyers are savvy: they know exactly what they want and are willing to pay more to get it. Homes in a ready-to-show condition will likely spend less time on the market and sell for more than homes that are not adequately prepared.

With the help of your RE/MAX agent and our Fit To Sell Program, you can find The Right Buyer and sell your home for top dollar. Our program’s Home Staging techniques and tips can help you transform your home into an attractive commodity for prospective buyers. Use the exclusive Fit To Sell program to show off your home’s best features and make that first impression count!

Check out the RE/MAX videos below to learn how you can make your home Fit To Sell.

Air quality, Odour, Pets, Holidays

Taking the steps to appeal to the widest array of potential buyers will help your home sell quickly and will help you find the Right Buyer. Air quality, holidays, pets, and odours are items you must keep in mind when you are preparing your home for sale.


Depersonalizing from your property is a difficult process which requires removing some of your more personal items. In order for potential buyers to connect with your home and visualize themselves living there, you must transform it into a model home.


The flooring in your home is an important selling feature so take an objective look at your floors and determine whether they need to be redone. Remember that flooring reveals to the buyer how well your home has been maintained.

Furniture Placement and Lighting

Keep in mind how buyers will walk through each room of your home and the lighting conditions of each room. Properly placed furniture and lighting will show off the prime features and allow buyers to see the functions of each room.

Home Inspection

Consider taking initiative and be proactive by having a home inspection done. Preparing your home for sale, is more than the aesthetics but also about the structural aspects. When you have done everything from inside out, your home will price well and sell faster than the competition.

Main Selling Rooms

When it comes to preparing your home, you need to consider how buyers will view each room. Consider your time and budget when preparing your home for sale. Remember to give priority to the main selling rooms as buyers want to envision themselves in each room.


Selecting the right colours allows buyers to be able to emotionally connect with your house. Choose neutral tones and take into consideration the existing tone of the house. Neutral tones also allow you to decorate using textures.

Pre packing, Clutter, Editing

Create the space necessary for buyers by pre-packing and removing clutter. It is necessary to show buyers the space is clean and move-in ready. If you impress your buyers, your home will sell quickly.

Updates and Repairs

Today’s buyers are looking for a home with zero maintenance required. If your home needs updates and repairs, the buyer will reduce their asking price which could result in a loss of equity to you. Make a list of items that can be repaired or updated in your home and watch this video before you place it on the market.

Deal makers for home buyers

Having a warm and welcoming home with the use of home staging is important when looking for the right buyer. View your home through the buyer’s eyes to transform negative aspects or deal-breakers into dealmakers.

FAQ’s on preparing your home for sale

Many sellers understand the concept of home staging but many of them don’t understand how it works. Watch this video to see some common questions I have been asked.

Features of your home that attract buyers

Consider what buyers are looking for in their next home. Review the features of your home and how you can make them attractive to potential buyers. You only have one opportunity to sell your home quickly and for Top Dollar, so make that first impression count.

Preparing your home for the right buyer

Work with your RE/MAX agent to make sure your home is buyer-approved before you place it on the market. They can help you prepare your home and attract the right buyer.

Top 10 mistakes in preparing your home for sale

Preparing to sell your home for the first time is an emotional transaction; but, with the help of your RE/MAX Agent you can avoid making some common mistakes.

Top 10 ways to improve your home’s stability

In today’s market, your home must be in top conditions in order to sell for top dollar. Working with your RE/MAX Agent, you can improve its overall stability and find the Right Buyer.

Top 5 issues in preparing your home for sale

Your RE/MAX Agent can help you determine what you need to do to make your home fit to sell. Watch this video to learn the Top 5 Issues that push buyers away from your home.

Turning your family home into a model home

If you want to make your home Fit To Sell, you must merchandise it and emotionally disconnect yourself from it. This will help you turn your home into a commodity and attract many offers.

Why a home doesn’t sell

Homes that don’t sell are missing certain elements. Make sure you have all the necessary elements with the help of your RE/MAX Agent.

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